How To Design Incredible Business Cards With Minimal Effort

How To Design Incredible Business Cards With Minimal Effort

Business cards are highly-effective marketing tools for fulfilling multiple purposes. With eye-catching design, they can enhance brand awareness, and ultimately convert prospective buyers into paying customers.

A well-designed card should prioritize simplicity to create a distinctive, professional look that creates a lasting impression on those who view it. But how exactly do you achieve this? Read on and you’ll appreciate these great tips and tricks for unlocking the power of business cards:


Understand Your Vision

Evaluate the vision for your business card before proceeding with design, because this will provide a clear foundation for success. Though it seems obvious, if you’re uncertain of the message you’ll trying to get across, prospective customers will share your confusion. Start by making sure your name, company, logo, and job title are clearly displayed. You’ll also want to achieve a balance of valuable information, while not over-complicating things. Website, email address, and phone number are essential elements, but regarding everything else you can explore your creative aspirations.


Color Scheme

Your color scheme and choice of design is what sparks an initial and lasting impression of your company. When you’re working on design, remember the target niche you’re marketing to. Bright colors can make your business card distinctive, creating a visually appealing backdrop that draws the attention of viewers. With this being said, the power of simple design shouldn’t be understated. A subtle black and white backdrop speaks professionalism, and can be just as impactful as using color. Ultimately, providing you achieve a sense of style, you’ll be well-positioned to achieve your objectives.

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Visual Aspects

People are often deterred by too much text, and in contrast are attracted to visual components. Though one side of your card will need to be predominantly text, that doesn’t mean you can’t include visual designs there too. Moreover, the opposite side is an avenue to display various imagery, which in some shape or form should relate to the product or service you’re offering. Your company logo is a given, but broaden your horizons with luring imagery. Whatever you do, don’t leave the back of your business card blank. When people receive a card, they’ll flip it over almost instantly. If they’re impressed by what they see on the reverse, they’re more likely to reassess the information on the front.


How Thick Should the Paper Be?

The thickness of your card goes a long way. Thick cards feel expensive, and can indicate a professional business who are willing to invest more on marketing materials. A business card that’s too thin will appear tacky. Regardless of your budget, ensure your business cards are a positive representation of your company. If your business card was a handshake, what would you prefer, something limp or sturdy?


Though we live in an online world, the importance of tangible marketing assets should never be understated. Maximize your business potential with eye-popping business cards, and you’ll be one step closer to success.


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