Brochure Design - 6 Creative Tips for Designing a Breathtaking Brochure

Brochure Design - 6 Creative Tips for Designing a Breathtaking Brochure

We live in a world where digital marketing takes preference, but that doesn’t mean good old-fashioned methods don’t work anymore. In fact, a stunning brochure with well-thought-out design can help you achieve a natural increase in customers.

Brochures can accurately portray different company visions, but one thing that should never change is the attractiveness of its design. Whether you’re promoting an event or selling a product, eye-catching aesthetics will speak volumes about your business. With this being said, you’re probably wondering how to design a brochure that dazzles. Read on for our best practices for effective brochure design.


1. Why Are You Designing a Brochure?

Understanding your objectives is a crucial starting point. What are you trying to achieve? This will shape the direction of your design, allowing you to take a step back and figure out how you can cater to the needs of your target audience. This is a great foundation for developing a stunning brochure, and will help you directly communicate with your demographic.


2. Creativity

This will set you apart from the rest. There are many online tools for creating brochures, which use common templates that have become the norm. It’s essential for you to stand out from the competition, with a unique design that speaks volumes about your creativity. If considerable effort has gone into your brochure, people are more likely to trust the product or service you’re offering. Your design should be potent enough to stand out among a rack full of leaflets, while strengthening your brand identity.

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3. Font

A brochure that uses multiple fonts can suggest a confused direction. Though it’s good to experiment, it’s also best to avoid over-complicating things. Show restraint with the fonts you use, instead channeling your creativity into visual design. It’s best to be consistent with your fonts, perhaps using the same as the one on your website. Experiment with one or two others if you feel it adds value, but avoid using more than three typefaces. Most brands choose 2 fonts – a bolder, more dynamic font for headlines that command attention, and a simpler serif or sans-serif font for body text and subheads.


4. Be Direct

It’s tempting to provide too much information, especially when you’re eager to list your achievements and prove your worth. When it comes to marketing, less is always more. Too much information will dilute the main points of your brochure, and suggest you’re trying too hard. Focus on the topic of the brochure, and avoid filling space with tangential information. If you have no more to say before you’ve filled the space, work in an image that compliments the text to fill space effectively.


5. Prioritize the Reader

The reader is the most important person in all of this, so you’ll need to keep the end purpose in mind throughout the design process. Always think about what your brochure communicates to the public, designing it for them, not yourself. If the brochure doesn’t resonate with your audience, you’ve failed your mission.


6. Simplicity

Be very literal with your statements, and prioritize a simple approach. Long words can deter your target audience, and often give your brochure less credibility. Try your best to convey your focal points with simple English, using words that don’t confuse people. When you’ve finished your design, check for sufficient “white space” or “negative space” to ensure the elements of text and imagery have enough room around them to “breathe” on the page. Try this trick: stand three feet away from the page and look at the design as a whole. Does it seem overwhelming? Does the sign seem to have a cohesive “flow”? If the design looks too crowded, or too sparse, re-evaluate your design. Add, move or remove elements until the design looks pleasing from afar.


Thanks for reading this article! We hope you appreciate the marketing power of brochures, and more importantly, how you can design one that’s visually stunning. In this other blog post, we talk a bit more about Business Cards, give it a read if you want more tips on designing incredible business cards. If you would like to clarify anything, or become part of the conversation, please comment below.


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